QCF Procurement Qualifications

QCF Procurement Qualifications

A new suite of QCF Procurement qualifications from Levels 3 to 6 are now available which replace the “old” NVQs in Supply Chain Management (SCM). These new qualifications have been developed in consultation with various stakeholders including the relevant Sector Skills Council (Skills for Logistics) and Awarding Organisations, ABC Awards and Gateway Qualifications (formerly OCN Eastern Region):

Level 3 Diploma in Procurement and Supply (QCF)
QAN 60134203
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Level 4 Diploma in Procurement (QCF)
QAN 601/3928/6
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Level 5 Diploma in Procurement (QCF)
QAN 601/3929/8
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Level 6 Diploma in Procurement (QCF)
QAN 601/4110/4
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Who are these qualifications suitable for?

These new work-based qualifications are suitable for procurement/supply chain practitioners who wish to prove their competency and demonstrate the application of knowledge and understanding in the workplace instead of perhaps taking knowledge based exams only. These qualifications have the support of major UK employers both in the Public and Private Sector and provide a significant amount of knowledge, understanding and skills development that underpins occupational competence in the Procurement and Supply Chain Sector.

What about Professional Accreditation?

Levels (NQF) 4 or 5 of the former Supply Chain Management SVQs/NVQs, together with appropriate experience, used to be accepted for full membership of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (MCIPS). There has been a “competency route” to MCIPS available until now for over 15 years. It is disappointing, therefore, that following a so called “mapping” exercise to compare their academic qualifications with the QCF Procurement Diplomas, CIPS have decided NOT to accept these NVQ replacements for membership. Their decision is very disappointing and has effectively disenfranchised many procurement practitioners who are unable for various reasons to take their examination route to obtain full membership.
However, the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) will accept specific QCF levels for certain grades of membership:

Membership (MILT)
Procurement Diploma for Level 3 or 4 plus 3 years relevant experience

Procurement Diploma Level 5 plus 1 years relevant experience

Chartered Membership (CMILT)
Procurement Diploma Levels 5 and 6 plus 5 years experience

See www.ciltuk.org.uk for further information

Which level is suitable for me?

There are no specific entry requirements for these qualifications, but learners should be in a suitable job role to enable them to prove their competency at the appropriate level.
As a guide, the following QCF levels and job roles will apply:

Level 3 – These qualifications are suitable for trainee buyers just starting their career in a procurement and supply environment, or for a purchasing/procurement assistant. They would also suit learners with delegated procurement responsibilities who work outside of a formal procurement and supply environment.

Level 4 & 5* – These qualifications may be suitable for learners in the following job roles:
• Buyer
• Procurement/Purchasing Executive
• Procurement Specialist
• Contract Officer
• Supply Chain/Inventory/Logistics Analyst
• Supply Chain/Inventory/Logistics Planner
• Assistant Category Manager
• Category Specialist
• Contracts Engineer
• Procurement Officer
• Supplier Relationship Specialist

N.B. * More experienced learners should be able to commence at the higher level.

Level 6 – These qualifications may be suitable for learners in the following job roles:
• Strategic /Senior /Purchasing or Procurement Manager
• Head of Commercial Services
• Supply Chain Manager
• Head of Logistics/Transport
• Operations Manager
• Senior Procurement Advisor
• Head of Procurement/Purchasing
• Senior Procurement Specialist
• Senior Buyer/Category Manager

For a summary of the mandatory and optional units download the relevant PDF document above.

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